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My first ever dog, given to me just a few months ago...a six year old, unsocialised, anxious Yorkshire Terrier, after only a handful of sessions with Robert, is running free on the beach, coming to my call, becoming interested in other dogs rather than afraid and our bond is growing. Robert is kind, patient, intuitive and very experienced. He sensed immediately that my inexperience and anxiety was impacting significantly on my dog's. He has worked with me so carefully and sensitively to build confidence in my self and my dog. I could not have come to this happier place without him. I recommend Robert very highly. 


We stumbled across Rob as both our dogs were fighting for attention and dominance. It was to a point where both of our dogs got into a big fight with each other. We felt that we needed help to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Rob has been helping us to manage and improve the situation significantly. We are very grateful for Rob's assistance. We will continue our journey with Rob.

If anyone asks, Rob is highly recommended!!


Hello Robert......a little feedback for you. The dynamics have changed significantly. Your incredible knowledge and advice stitched it all together for us. Between you and Ziggy the pack is well on its way to being sorted. Wally seems much more settled knowing his place in the pack. You certainly know your stuff.......thank you from all us.


I can't thank you enough Rob. I took her out for a walk this evening and followed your advice; change directions when she pulls. Wow! What a huge difference. What a joy to walk her. I just wanted to thank you and to let you know how we went. You have encouraged me so much.


Everyone enjoyed the presentation. Very helpful hints on approaching strange dogs and how to read dog's body language. A great learning experience.

Your dog, Izzy, was great.

St Martin de Porres Parish Primary School

Rob did a great job training our 2 dogs - a mother and daughter - not an easy task! It's an ongoing process and we are very grateful for the support. We will continue using Rob's amazing services and strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to make their dogs more obedient.


I had spent countless hours training my male GSP puppy. But nothing compared to the attention and respect I gained once we started our journey with Robert. We will continue to see Robert, he is a wealth of knowledge and we thoroughly enjoy our sessions with him.


The children were absolutely enthralled with the presentation and gave you and Izzy their total attention - a rare feat indeed for a visiting performer!!!

St Gabriel's Primary School

Thank you again, Rob. She was attentive to me, turning often to make eye contact with me. The joy in my heart for my relationship with her, and our understanding of one another has just sky-rocketted.


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