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Dog Training

Dog Training Tips In Brief

  • Dogs have 4 paws, all 4 paws should be on the ground at all times.
  • React to the thought rather than the action.
  • Train with the brain not the heart.
  • Dogs’ minds flash at the speed of disco lights, try to keep up.
  • Get the timing wrong and you just confuse the dog.
  • Dogs’ reflexes are far better than ours. Improve yours with anticipation.
  • Go down to the dog, not the dog up to you.
  • A fearful dog is a dog to fear.
  • Watch for the "suckups". Pat them when YOU decide.
  • Everything's mutual, RESPECT,TRUST and CONFIDENCE.
  • Judge the dog rather than the breed.
  • Go down to the dog, not the dog up to you.
  • Allow the dog to meet you, not you meet the dog.
  • Aggression breeds aggression, calm breeds calm, fear breeds fear.
  • Dog training is easy when they want to please YOU rather than themselves.
  • Never give attention to a fearful dog, allow the dog to make its own decisions.
  • You can't control a dog until you can control yourself.
  • Be cross if you like, but never lose self control.
  • Don't brain them, train them.
  • Most dogs' fears come from our fears.
  • Dogs have Nothing better to do all day but study us, our moods, habits, strengths and weaknesses
  • They are the "worlds best psycho analysts", the least we can do is try to understand them.

More Dog Training Tips In Brief to come. If you want clarifications, contact me through this website.

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