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Understanding your dog

Hint 2 - Ever wonder why your dog seems remorseful when you come home from work each day only to see the same hole or chewed the pot plants. You tell him off, but they do the same the next day?

Anwer to Hint 2 - Dogs don''t associate the past with the present as we do. So you telling him off after he slinks away again when you come home, only means that he associates you coming home with being told off. You are just ruining a relationship. Timing is critical, catch the dog in the act or thinking about carrying out the misdeneanor when you can use a much more warning tone. Then he will put it together.

Oh! And don't forget to be pleased every time you see your dog, no matter what he might have done during the day. Contact me and I can tell you more.

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Understanding Your Dog

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Understanding Your Dog

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