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Understanding Your Dog

Hint 8 - Why do dogs like to jump up on people and what can be done about it? They are basically demanding attention, and they pretty much always get it. They don't even care if it is bad or good attention. The problem is people have caused it themselves probably from their first days on the planet. From tiny puppies, we have picked them up to cuddle them and give them affection. Yes, pretty normal, myself included. But eventually for us we carry it on too long and it becomes an unwanted behaviour, obviously especially for larger dogs, but it can be a real nuisance from little dogs and indeed more prevalent with them as they have been picked up for much more of their lives.

Answer to Hint 8 - You need to realise that in demanding attention, your dog is attempting to dominate you, even if it is jumping in a playful manner. Different methods of correction will suit different dogs, and size will have an impact on which method is successful, but I will give you a couple of entirely different methods here that work on quite different principles.

Firstly, with what ever method you use, you need to be able to anticipate the circumstances and timing of the dog even thinking about jumping and if you can correct it before it jumps, all the better. If you miss that opportunity, it is important not to allow the dog's paws to make contact with your body. Step away from the jump, making sure there is no contact and then step forward again so that you are then back in a position to correct your first missed opportunity and praise your dog on the ground.

The other method I would recommend here is again to anticipate and catch the dog's paws in your hands before the paws touch your body. Then the trick is to hold the paws away from you with the dog still standing on its back legs. It will only take a matter of 10 seconds or so and the dog will start pulling its paws back, and even sometimes looking back at the ground. What it is in effect saying to you is Ï want to get down". Now you see, the dog's mind has changed completely. When you feel confident on the dog's message, lower the paws to the ground, don't drop, and pet your dog calmly on the ground.

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Understanding Your Dog

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