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Understanding Your Dog

Hint 9 - When that dog is pulling you along the street, did you ever stop to realize that it is actually being rewarded for doing so. So what do you do about it.


Answer to Hint 9 - As long as you keep moving forward it is going just go where it wants to go as fast as it wants to go. First remember, in order to control your dog you first need to control yourself. Remove the carrot from in front of its nose.The moment the dog gets slightly in front of you, and that might be at the front gate, turn 180 degrees and head back. when the dog is alongside you again, praise it and the moment it surges again, probably a couple of paces, repeat and repeat. Your half hour walk might only get you 50 metres, but with self control the dog will start to calm and will then start to learn.

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Understanding Your Dog

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Paul Kerry
Paul Kerry
18 août 2023
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