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Dog Behaviour Aggression

Hint 6 - There are 2 types of dominance from dogs, aggressive dominance is obvious to everyone, and is either caused by it's upbringing and environment, or to a lesser extent it's genetic lines. Can you guess what the other type is, which can be even more dangerous.

Answer to Hint 6 - The other is passive dominance, and this is something that builds over an extended period, and the one problem that I spend most of my time with dog owners. Most dogs are continually looking for weaknesses in their owner or family pack. If they perceive a weakness in their leader, they will seek to fill that hierarchical position themselves. Some of their tactics are very subtle and usually owners will not be aware of the conditioning that they are being subjected to. The dog will start making demands of the owner without their knowledge, and the owner dutifully complies, usually by over affection or over protection. The reason why this can be more dangerous, is because a bite or negative reaction from the dog can be totally unexpected.

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